what would you do if you were locked in a room with me for a few hours?


this was cute / funny / strange last time I did this, I liked it. :3

Do this one too.

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  2. awhawkguy answered: watch supernatural like the world was ending.
  3. kevaan answered: depends on what kind of room it was! if it was a kitchen, we’d cook! if it was a living room, we’d watch a movie. if it was a bedroom…
  4. artist523 answered: Get to know you because I bet you’re awesome. :3
  5. eli-wrath answered: Get to know you :D
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  7. airplay212 answered: Well, I’m kind of awkward so I have no idea lolz
  8. heartslowlyfadingaway answered: listen to music, eat spaghetti o’s, and watch a movie
  9. kri5tiahn answered: cuddle with you omg cuz ur fucking so adorable
  10. beccaferrer answered: make up a story where we each write one sentence at a time
  11. isa-iah answered: become pottermore famous with you
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