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One of these days, I’m going to wake up and I won’t be young anymore.  I’ll be aged and moving through life, with youth in my past.  And when I wake up already well into adulthood, I’ll realize I’ve missed literally a once in a lifetime chance to be young and in love.

I’m going to start using tumblr as a method of promotion for my personal music.

Which means if you like my music, reblog it!  =p

Anon wants a picture.  And I have to give anon everything, don’t I?

Alright. I’m going to try to exercise guys.

I’m really going to do it.  I need to get skinny.  I’M TIRED OF JIGGLING OKAY.

I just found out one of my favorite tumblrs unfollowed me.

The following are my thoughts in the order they occurred.

  • BUT I LOVED YOU!!!!!
  • I’m so sad.
  • What did I do wrong?!
  • Well… it’s their loss!
  • I am a pathetic and weak, useless human being.
  • How do I make them come back?
  • Time to mourn.

I got a Blackberry today.

Feels good, man.  I can text and check my email and - get this - use internet too!!!!!!!

I know I just blew everyone’s mind.

today has been absolutely horrendous

it’s unbelievable.  literally. 

long story short, one of my teachers is unimaginably dogmatic, and he tries to convince us otherwise by smiling and laughing during his lessons.

artists being inspired