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” I told my girlfriend I downloaded a new app on her iPad. “

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I took my grandmother around town today.

She’s the cosigner of a loan I’m getting from her church.  Everyone there is old and knows each other, and we ended up spending two (2) hours talking about how expensive nursing homes are.

This day.

For those of you who are asking

My friend died Monday afternoon.

My friend will probably die in a couple of days.

He is in the hospital with leukemia, he’s contracted several viruses with a dead immune system, and his kidneys just failed. 

Yesterday, I skipped my classes and took a bus (or, should I say, a series of buses) to visit him at Duke hospital.  He was unconscious the entire time, but I’m still glad I got to see him.  He is one of three triplets.  I feel awful for the other two.  They are all close, and they know their third is about to die.  That’s the worst.

Does human life mean something to you?

Save Libya, guys.

Sign this petition.

If you don’t know what’s going on in Libya right now, then catch yourself up.

When I hear about people dying young, I get really sad.

The other day, my cousins found this video of a boy they had been friends with who died when he was 20 in a freak car accident.  It broke my heart.  It really did. just made me think of this.

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