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my favorite topping

Wait fuck, that would be an amazing way to market yourself as a pot dealer. Be a pizza delivery man and sell your pot to all the people who order pizza after midnight.


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okay if i’m gonna get famous, i have to be hot first.  

I have never in my life had an internet connection this slow.  Perhaps this is a sign I need to get off and do my homework.

One of these days, I’m going to wake up and I won’t be young anymore.  I’ll be aged and moving through life, with youth in my past.  And when I wake up already well into adulthood, I’ll realize I’ve missed literally a once in a lifetime chance to be young and in love.

I am a little overwhelmed at how much I have to do this semester.

But I’m really looking forward to it.

They are as follows:

  • All TEN of my classes and their homework.
  • Practicing sufficiently for my jazz proficiency at the end of the semester.
  • Lyric writing 2 class, where I write and record a song every week by requirement.
  • My entire music production and engineering major, where I am learning to run a freakin recording studio.
  • My school library job, which I will maintain because it is the key to me not buying textbooks.
  • My second job, which I haven’t gotten yet but need to because my first doesn’t pay enough money to pay for my apartment and food.
  • Running Songwriter’s Club here at Berklee, which includes the weekly club meetings, arranging special guests to attend and show at meetings, planning open mics, running the three big shows of the school year, running auditions, etc.
  • Personal recording/video projects.
  • Maintaining my apartment in a decent condition.
  • Working out regularly at the YMCA.

Yeah, I’m about to not be able to handle this.  BUT I WILL STILL TRY!

Hey just to make sure we’re all on the same page…

Everyone’s listened to the song Regina Spektor released about a week ago, right?  It’s from her upcoming album.  The album is going to be released in May, I think.

What do you guys think of the song?

By the way, St. Vincent went to Berklee College of Music.  Just saying.

By the way, St. Vincent went to Berklee College of Music.  Just saying.

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I really like that I can stop posting for a couple days and I don’t lose half my followers.  That means you guys find some sort of quality in my blog that isn’t dependent on daily dashboard flooding.

But really though, this week has been ridiculous with finals.  I have never had so much due in one day as I did on Wednesday.

This is a gif of me winking

Almost 1am and I’m eating Easy Mac.

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