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Good thing I set a reminder for myself, I might have forgotten #college #graduation #school #summer #lol #thisisabsurd #iliterallylaughedoutloud #app #boston #berklee

I forgot Anime Boston was this weekend. Needless to say, walking by the convention center on the way to lunch was an EXPERIENCE.

When a video takes longer to load than the length of the video itself

I got on the computer to look up directions for making hard-boiled eggs and 2 hours later here I sit on tumblr, no eggs boiled.

Real story. Once in freshman year of high school, my 6-months-pregnant friend won a character award and so the school news camera people were like, “CONGRATULA- oh god we made a mistake,” and the news show had a pregnant 15 year old girl winning the character award for responsibility.

I have this very clear memory of me sitting in my 5th grade class learning math and suddenly thinking, “holy crap I am not even halfway through this whole grade-school thing.”

What if dad finds out I’m straight, I’m not ready to tell him yet

I was just wondering why my dash has been less active tonight… then I remembered it’s Friday and people are probably out having fun.

Every time I refresh, I have less followers than before. I deal with it by pretending it’s the countdown to the new year.

Okay when you like me, you need to TELL ME. ¬†How else am I supposed to know you’re dtf??

artists being inspired