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Pink blossoms on a white-flowering tree. #Fenway #boston #wouldyalookatthat #flower #running #exercise #pretty #nature #unique #inspiration #park #love #hashtag #icantthinkofanymorehashtags (at Fenway Park)

you know that feeling you get when someone you have always liked but wish you’d stop keeps telling you about all the random hookups and dudes they keep having sex with? And you’re just like “god damn it if you’re hooking up with people you don’t know just because you wanna fuck someone, why can’t you just hook up with me for christ sake???”

i know that feeling too

Has anyone ever stopped to think about how gross eyes really are? C’mon people.

Okay when you like me, you need to TELL ME.  How else am I supposed to know you’re dtf??

i love the soundtrack to Lord of the Rings

One of these days, I’m going to wake up and I won’t be young anymore.  I’ll be aged and moving through life, with youth in my past.  And when I wake up already well into adulthood, I’ll realize I’ve missed literally a once in a lifetime chance to be young and in love.

Dating is silly why would I ever want to do that

Holy shit, my song already has over 1,000 plays?

Guys!  I only posted it a couple hours ago!


I went on a date (I think it was a date, wft I don’t even know what a damn date is) on Sunday.

Get this.  I went on a date with an adult.  Lol an actual adult.  He’s four years older than me and works as a financial analyst in Copley Square here in Boston.  He lives in an actual apartment, drives his actual car to his actual job on actual work days.

Also, he’s very very cute and is really sweet.

How did I end up snagging a date with a real person?  Lol.

I decided to bring some childhood into his life, so we went to a macaroni and cheese place and each got a bowl of mac’n’cheese.  Then we took our bowls down to the harbor and sat out there for about two hours, eatin mac’n’cheese and talking about things.

I’m not sure how I feel about it.  I decided at the beginning of this year that I would stop turning everyone down when people ask me out.  Before school starts, I’m already going on a date.  He seemed to really like me a lot, but he hasn’t really texted me since.  Haha

artists being inspired