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just watched “hoje eu quero voltar sozinho”.  damn guys.  i loved that movie so much it made me sick.

The story of Rufus Sixsmith and Robert Frobisher BREAKS MY HEART. EVERY TIME.


i love the soundtrack to Lord of the Rings

I just saw the movie 21 Jump Street.

It was nice seeing homosexuality put into the “this-is-okay” spotlight, especially in a major comedy film.

Also the head high school drug dealer was going to Berklee.  That needed some bandaging after the movie when Dad asked further questions.

Oh god, I love Tangled.

I just saw a pretty good scary movie.

Thank the good lord.  I thought they didn’t exist anymore.

Of course, all of you probably think it sucks.  lol oh well.

I watched “Shelter” last night.

It was a very good movie.  

Watching romance movies kinda sucks a little bit though, because then I think to myself, “Why is my life not like this?  Is anybody’s life like this?  Two gay surfers who live in a huge fucking house and one of them gets a full ride to CalArts?  Lol come on now.”

And on top of that, I watched the movie alone, so I was sitting in my bed, my roommates were out, and I watched two people fall in love with each other and have a perfect life.


In case anybody was wondering, I went with “Shelter”.

Weekend in Boston and I’m in my dorm watching a movie alone.

What movie should I watch?

I love Phantom of the Opera.

artists being inspired