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when someone younger than you corrects you on something

when someone younger than you corrects you on something

Maybe one day the taxi will take the short way #longway #thisisnthowyougettotheairport #rude #taxi #boston #impoor #please #why

I’m tired of having to pull all-nighters. Whoever says staying busy is a good thing clearly has NO IDEA HOW GOOD A FULL NIGHT’S SLEEP FEELS.

i’m gonna go running or something i guess

Post limit?  Might as well nail the lid closed and bury my coffin. 

If you haven’t listened to my song yet, please do.  I want my followers to hear what I’m doing, haha.

Plus, you are allowed to give constructive criticism if you want.  That’s allowed, lol.

That’s the link to the song.

Artist: Heath Hyman
Played 3,819 times

"Walk This Time" by Heath Hyman

Wrote this for my Lyric Writing 2 class.  Enjoy, everyone!


I am trying to write a song right now, and I am feeling so uninspired.  But I have to write and record it by Sunday at 6PM!  What the ef am I supposed to do ugh.

Plus everyone is not even on tumblr.  You’re all off doing real life Friday night things.

There are certain movies I want to watch with a boyfriend.

I can’t decide what I want to watch.  Lol I kinda want to watch something romantic.  Or gay.  lolwut

I have already seen Brokeback Mountain and A Beautiful Thing.  Does anybody have any gay movie suggestions?

I love questions. Ask away!

I’ll answer them later, after I get back from the music building.  This is the link, so go!

artists being inspired