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Hey guys!  Could you do me a huge favor and give me some feedback on this?  I arranged/produced/mixed it for a fantastic rising Alaskan artist, Emily Anderson. 

If you could give me feedback on the production/mix, that would be great.

So tonight I submitted my final Student Loan request for college. With that, I’ll have roughly $120,000 in loan debt I’ll have to pay off. That does not include interest.

Honestly, it makes me sick to think about. I just want to cry.

A guy in lyric writing class on Monday played a song that he’s pitching to Jason Derulo and UGH my song is better than his, I DON’T GET IT.

okay if i’m gonna get famous, i have to be hot first.  

I have spent too long away from tumblr.  I’m sorry I love you it won’t happen again forgive me pls

I’m back I’m back I’m back.

HEY GUYS, sorry I haven’t been on in awhile.  School got REAL for a little bit, but now I’m on winter break so woop woop I’m gonna be on tumblr a lot more now.

Also I’m recording more music, yay.

So if I started writing/producing songs in a very Kelly Clarkson/P!nk style for artists like them, would you guys like or dislike that?

Not declaring anything about the future.  Just testing fan-base waters here.  Ya know?

I remember sitting in my 5th grade class and thinking, “Holy shit, I’m not even fucking halfway done with this.”


I’m supposed to record vocals today but my throat is sore.  The whole recording is due by 6pm.

WELP, I guess I’ll be making tea and taking a shower and hoping it gets better by then.

Artist: Heath Hyman
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"Walk This Time" by Heath Hyman

Wrote this for my Lyric Writing 2 class.  Enjoy, everyone!

artists being inspired