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People who find enjoyment in blowing everything out of proportion on Tumblr drive me BONKERS up the fucking WALL like you literally find enjoyment in stressing yourself out, stressing other people out, and then claiming you aren’t stressed.  Tell that to yourself in 20 years when your hair is falling out and your skin is wrinkled and saggy because you couldn’t calm the fuck down in your 20s.

I was just wondering why my dash has been less active tonight… then I remembered it’s Friday and people are probably out having fun.

Post limit?  Might as well nail the lid closed and bury my coffin. 

I have spent too long away from tumblr.  I’m sorry I love you it won’t happen again forgive me pls

I’m back I’m back I’m back.

HEY GUYS, sorry I haven’t been on in awhile.  School got REAL for a little bit, but now I’m on winter break so woop woop I’m gonna be on tumblr a lot more now.

Also I’m recording more music, yay.

I love when someone who used to follow me starts following me again.  It means I’m doing something right, I guess.

WHAT.  I meant to get off tumblr at 11.  How did this even happen.  It’s already 12:07.

When people get in fights on tumblr, it makes me laugh a little.  How can you even fight someone you don’t know?  You have no idea who this person really is.

Am I the only person who receives that error message every time I reblog/post something?  I mean, everything goes through regardless, so I’m not concerned about it.  Just curious.

Question mark?

I’m going to start using tumblr as a method of promotion for my personal music.

Which means if you like my music, reblog it!  =p

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