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A guy in lyric writing class on Monday played a song that he’s pitching to Jason Derulo and UGH my song is better than his, I DON’T GET IT.

Never forget.

Jeez Lou’fuckin’eez.

My computer has been broken for so long; that’s why I have barely posted the last two weeks.  My school’s computer support had to replace the hard drive.  I hadn’t backed my computer up, so now I have to fix my iTunes and all the recordings I had are basically lost.

It’s a major bummer man.


I’m tired of falling for people who don’t fall for me.

Lol guys.

I’m sorry I’ve sucked so bad at posting.  This last… month, really, has been such a hassle.  Next week is the finals week, and then I’m outta here.

Teaching myself a song for my performance ensemble tomorrow.

I know both “You to Thank” (Ben Folds) and “The Sword & the Pen” (Regina Spektor) in a wishy-washy good almost kind of way, but neither is great.  So I don’t know which I should do.  Suggestions?

I need to fucking SLEEP.

I am thinking about too many things right now.

Making out sounds really gross.

Good thing I never have to worry about that.

artists being inspired