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Music update

I’m going to post another song tonight probably.  Just letting you guys know.  =]


It’s my 20th birthday today.  =]

And now I have short hair.

If you have not yet listened to/seen this video, go ahead.

It’s a fantastic cover of Adele’s “Someone Like You” by a fellow classmate, Charlie Puth, and Emily Luther.

So how was everyone’s Valentine’s Day??

I have learned so much music today it’s ridiculous.

Okay yeah, going to sleep now.

I am hella tired.

By the way, I’m recording music right now.

I love it when straight guys follow me, even though I’m gay.

It’s not something that should matter, my sexuality and their sexuality, but unfortunately it does matter to people.  I see straight guys on here who unfollow me because they find out somewhere in my posts that I’m not, and I don’t really understand.  What am I going to do?  Come computer gay rape your dashboard?  It’s not like I post a bunch of guys making out, I run a humor blog here. 

That’s all.  I like it when straight guys follow me, because it reassures me that my sexuality doesn’t effect everything I do, and that my blog is something that everybody can enjoy. 

I just saw a pretty good scary movie.

Thank the good lord.  I thought they didn’t exist anymore.

Of course, all of you probably think it sucks.  lol oh well.

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